UK Pharma’s Post-Pandemic Public Trust: In-Depth Analysis


As the dust from the COVID-19 pandemic begins to settle, one industry that continues to command strong levels of public trust and favourability is pharmaceuticals. According to the third annual ABPI UK Pharma Reputation Index, the sector has not just weathered the storm but has indeed strengthened its public image. This extensive analysis aims to explore the nuances of the pharmaceutical industry’s reputation, delving into the factors that contribute to its public perception, the challenges it still faces, and the expectations for the future.

The Index and Its Importance

Conducted annually by Ipsos on behalf of the ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry), the UK Pharma Reputation Index serves as a barometer for gauging public, political, and healthcare professional sentiment towards the sector. The index has been published for three years now, amassing valuable data and insights. This repository of information is invaluable not only for the industry but also for the health system and the research community at large. It assists in identifying areas of strength as well as aspects that require attention and improvement.

Findings and Interpretations

The Good News

One of the most uplifting findings is the increased favourability rating. Public sentiment swelled from 50% a year ago to 53% this year. Also, 67% of respondents felt that the pharmaceutical industry is committed to developing new medicines to meet patient needs. These figures indicate that there is consistent recognition of the sector’s crucial role in supporting the NHS and, by extension, public health.

From healthcare professionals (HCPs), the feedback was equally encouraging. Four out of five HCPs revealed that they are familiar with UK pharmaceutical companies, and half of them would speak highly of the sector. This kind of endorsement from professionals within the medical community is incredibly impactful, serving to bolster the sector’s reputation further.

The Not-So-Good News

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There are palpable concerns, particularly over the availability of new medicines. The public and healthcare professionals alike expressed reservations about the limitations imposed due to cost pressures. Questions about profit-driven motives and the need for increased transparency loom large, threatening to overshadow the industry’s achievements.

Governmental and Public Relations

Jill Pearcy, ABPI Director of Reputation, stressed that the index serves as a tool for demonstrating the value the industry adds to the health system and research communities. It also acts as a catalyst for improvement, pinpointing areas that require strategic interventions to enhance reputation further.

Additionally, as Thomas Fife-Schaw, Research Director at Ipsos, pointed out, the sector’s actions during the pandemic continue to shape its reputation. The public recognises the value of medical innovations, which translates into heightened expectations for the industry to address future crises proactively.

The Path Forward: Transparency and Communication

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the survey data was the public’s thirst for more information and a greater understanding of how medicines are funded. The nexus between research costs and company profits remains opaque to many. Therefore, there is a pressing need for effective communication, particularly from scientists, regarding the trustworthiness of major pharmaceutical companies.


Overall, the pharmaceutical industry in the UK has successfully maintained a strong positive reputation post-pandemic. However, for this momentum to sustain, there needs to be a relentless focus on transparency and robust communication strategies. The industry must engage with its stakeholders meaningfully, tackling head-on the concerns about profit-driven motives and the intricacies of medicine pricing. Only then can it fully capitalise on the goodwill it has accrued and continues to be a cornerstone of public health and innovation.

FAQs After the Conclusion

  1. What is the ABPI UK Pharma Reputation Index? An annual survey measuring public trust in the UK pharmaceutical industry.
  2. How has public sentiment changed post-pandemic? Positive sentiment rose from 50% to 53%, showing an upward trend.
  3. Do healthcare professionals trust the industry? Yes, 4 out of 5 HCPs have a positive view and familiarity with the sector.
  4. What concerns were highlighted in the study? Limited availability of new medicines and need for greater transparency.
  5. Is the pharmaceutical sector expected to handle future crises well? Yes, there’s optimism about the sector’s capability to tackle future crises.

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