Calliditas Submits Kinpeygo to UK MHRA for IgAN

A Groundbreaking Leap for Kidney Health

In the battle against kidney diseases, we’ve just reached a significant milestone that promises to transform lives. The stage is set, the players are aligned, and the news is exhilarating: Calliditas Therapeutics, a frontrunner in biopharmaceutical innovations, has made a game-changing move. It’s the sort of play that takes a football from one end of the field to the other in a blink. Partnering with STADA Arzneimittel AG, Calliditas has submitted an application to the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for the full marketing authorisation of Kinpeygo®. Designed to treat IgA Nephropathy (IgAN), a rare kidney disorder, Kinpeygo is expected to become a beacon of hope for those grappling with this challenging condition.

Interesting Trivia: The UK MHRA initially granted Kinpeygo conditional approval, which is a rare concession aimed at fast-tracking essential treatments for conditions with limited therapeutic options.

Unlocking a New Horizon in Treatment

Think of this endeavour as unearthing a hidden treasure in an island full of medical uncertainties. Kinpeygo is an orphan medicinal product, and the application for its full approval is supported by a robust two-year data set from the Phase 3 NefIgArd clinical trial. This critical research, published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, demonstrated the drug’s significant benefit over placebos. The numbers tell an engaging tale: a highly significant p-value of less than 0.0001 was observed in estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) over two years, making it a genuine life-changer for many.

Extending the Healing Touch Globally

STADA, which holds Kinpeygo’s commercial rights in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and the UK, has already made strides by launching the drug in Germany. It’s akin to lighting a solitary candle in a dark room; even a single source of light can make a world of difference. The next step is to extend this monumental discovery to more countries, increasing accessibility and offering a lifeline to countless patients in need.

What This Means for Patients

For those with IgAN, this advancement isn’t just a new treatment option; it’s akin to finding water in a desert. IgAN causes proteinuria and has a high unmet need; the condition exposes patients to the risk of rapid disease progression. Kinpeygo offers a targeted approach by focusing on a urine protein-to-creatinine ratio (UPCR) of ≥1.5 g/gram. In simple terms, it’s like having a very efficient filter in a complex machinery, ensuring only the good stuff gets through while the harmful elements are kept at bay.

The Regulatory Milestone

It’s not every day that a biopharma company gets to ring the bell of success in the world of drug authorisations. The application submitted by STADA’s affiliate Britannia Pharmaceuticals aims to convert Kinpeygo’s conditional approval to full marketing authorisation. It’s much like graduating from a provisional driving licence to a full one: a rite of passage that signals readiness and reliability.


The submission of Kinpeygo to the UK MHRA for IgA Nephropathy marks an electrifying advancement in the realm of renal health. With its promising data and the weight of conditional approval already behind it, this medication aims to move from the fringes into the spotlight, offering a beacon of hope for those dealing with this debilitating kidney disorder. It’s not just a step forward; it’s a giant leap for those battling with IgAN, and indeed, for the healthcare industry at large.


  1. What is Kinpeygo? Kinpeygo is a medication designed to treat IgA Nephropathy, a rare kidney disorder.
  2. Who are the companies behind Kinpeygo? Calliditas Therapeutics and STADA Arzneimittel AG are responsible for Kinpeygo.
  3. What is the MHRA’s role in this? MHRA is the UK agency assessing Kinpeygo for full marketing authorisation.
  4. Is Kinpeygo already available in any country? Yes, Kinpeygo has been launched in Germany by STADA.
  5. What was the outcome of the NefIgArd trial? The trial showed a significant benefit of Kinpeygo over placebo in eGFR rates.

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