Vaccitech is a firm that is working on creating products for the treatment and prevention of cancer and infectious diseases. Chimpanzee Adenovirus (prime) and MVA (boost), two components of the company’s patented technology platform, are incredibly effective at stimulating, sustaining, and maintaining CD8+ and CD4+ T cells as well as antibodies.

The Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford, one of the most esteemed vaccine research institutions in the world, has granted Vaccitech a licence to use its prime-boost platform. Vaccitech is about to launch its HPV and NSCLC medicines in the clinic and currently has a Phase 2a clinical programme for prostate cancer. In addition, the business is working on MERS coronavirus and Herpes zoster vaccines with international partners, and it has granted University of Oxford-AstraZeneca an outlicense for the ChAdOx COVID-19 vaccine.