International Pharmaceutical Industry

International Pharmaceutical Industry

IPI provides a proven supportive means of communication to the pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical devices industries with the latest in research and technology innovations, regulatory guidelines, marketing, and communication strategies which will enable them to be more efficient, bringing products to market faster, reduce cost and make healthcare accessible to all. International Pharmaceutical Industry … Read more

International Animal Health Journal


Looking into the entire outsourcing management of the Veterinary Drugs, Veterinary Devices & Animal Feed Industry. The International Animal Health Journal (IAHJ) is the journal that the animal health industry has been missing: a comprehensive guidebook, packed with both practical and scholarly information. Medical, veterinary, technical, and professional knowledge, is accurate, precise, and objective, crucial … Read more

Journal for Clinical Studies


Journal for Clinical Studies (JCS) with its distinguished editorial advisory board provides you with the best practice guidelines for conducting global clinical trials.  We are the specialist journal providing you with relevant articles which will help you to navigate emerging markets

International Biopharmaceutical Industry


International Biopharmaceutical Industry was established to fill in the void for effective marketing and communication between all stakeholders in the Life sciences sector globally. Providing a proven supportive means of communication to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical devices industry the latest in research and technology innovations, regulatory guidelines, marketing, and communication strategies.


Alkahest is a biopharmaceutical firm in the clinical stages that develop breakthrough treatments for age- and neurodegenerative-related disorders. These treatments are based on a thorough understanding of the role of the plasma proteome in health and disease.

Alfasigma USA

Alfasigma USA, Inc. seeks to build enduring, shared values for individuals by enhancing their health and quality of life and locating treatments for an ageing population as a result of scientific advancement.

Alfa Chemistry

Building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, and research chemicals are all available from Alfa Chemistry in a sizable selection of applications. Additionally, we provide our client’s laboratory and analytical services.


Skimune®, non-artificial human skin explants are used by Alcyomics, a Newcastle-based provider of innovative pre-clinical services, to forecast adverse immune reactions and assess the effectiveness of novel molecules such as drugs, chemicals, and cosmetics.

Alcresta Therapeutics

Alcresta creates cutting-edge goods that provide people with uncommon disorders with enzymatic remedies. We are a Massachusetts-based company that has established key commercial milestones, built up a sizable intellectual property portfolio, enhanced production capabilities, and generated fascinating scientific data to support its technology platform and product line.

Alchemab Therapeutics

At Alchemab, we are using the immune system’s power to treat disease. By utilising adaptive immunity, nature’s most potent search engine, we turn the concept of drug discovery on its head. We find “elite controllers”—or particularly resilient people—and discover how they combat or withstand sickness.